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Contracts are the lifeblood of any business. With regulatory requirements, risk management, and cost control high on executive agendas, many companies are looking for the increased management of contracts for enhanced visibility, control, and performance.

Huron works with key stakeholders from the legal, sales, procurement, finance, and compliance departments to evaluate current processes and systems, gather and analyze requirements, and build a contract management process to best fit the needs of each organization. We help businesses organize their current contract environment and implement processes and tools to manage the approach to complete the contract lifecycle. Our contract origination application gives organizations the power to create contracts faster, smarter, and at far less expense.

Our team helps organizations effectively develop, negotiate, execute, and manage their contracts with the goals of reducing risk, realizing more revenue, and eliminating duplication and inefficiency.


Whitepaper: Update: Time to Validate Your Company's Open Payment Submission Data

Payments to doctors from pharmaceutical and medical device companies are drawing increased attention from regulators. Companies should examine data now to anticipate future potential trouble.

Update: GC Focus Volume 3 Issue 8: Contract Analytics – What Can They Do for You?

Contract analytics can help organizations enhance revenue, reduce costs, and improve speed to market.

Perspective: Strategic Contract Management to Maximize Net Revenue

Huron Legal's Robin Snasdell discuss how a strategic approach to contracting allows organizations to focus on improving the contracting function to maximize revenue.