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Our people are our greatest asset, so we invest heavily in their professional and personal development.

Formal training

All ACME employees attend global training sessions on a regular basis in locations across india. These sessions also provide an opportunity for staff to interact with acme from other parts of the world. Training sessions are also frequently held in ACME's office.

Knowledge and experience sharing

We have regular experience sharing sessions at ACME. In addition, knowledge from ACME's global practices is documented and readily accessible online to all.

Feedback and mentoring

Every candidate receives feedback regularly during each engagement. Every individual has a consensus reviewer, who monitors his or her performance over a longer term. In addition, each candidate has a mentor to turn to for advice on anything.

Even during engagements, the team leadership tries to ensure that each person gets sufficient opportunity to develop in the areas he or she wants to.

At ACME, we are well aware that because our "product" is ideas, our most valuable resource is our people. We know that if we are to maintain our leadership position among global management consulting firms, our people must be nothing less than outstanding. And we believe their continuous professional development is crucial to ensuring our ability to drive immediate results and build lasting, transformational advantage for our clients

We want our people to be successful throughout their careers, so ACME makes a substantial investment in the development and retention of our people by providing a full curriculum of tailored courses focused on the sophisticated skill sets needed in today's business environment. Consultants participate in training within days of joining the firm, and we constantly review and upgrade our training programs to ensure all consultants receive the training they need at the right time in their careers, up to and including at the partner level.

Professional Development | Career Path

Because we know that our long-term success will depend upon yours, we make every effort to hasten your progress along a clearly defined career path. You will advance along the path as rapidly as your abilities will allow. Click any title for more details about the position.

  • Partner
  • Principal
  • Manager
  • Associate
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Senior Business Analyst


At the core of ACME professional development program is the relationship between new consultants and their mentors, more senior people whose role is to serve as a friendly guide throughout your career. Your mentor will work with you to identify your areas of interest and development needs.


You and your mentor will meet periodically to review your progress along the career path. Based on your discussions, he or she may help you identify opportunities to advance your knowledge and build your skills.

Opportunities may include specific projects or practices likely to offer particularly valuable learning experiences. They may also include portions of the ACME Consulting Curriculum, a sequence of classroom programs focusing intensively on the sophisticated skill set required of today's management consultant. Some courses are available to all consultants while others are offered by invitation only.

A series of courses has been developed for each step up the career ladder with the emphasis gradually shifting from hands-on work to team leadership and from developing skills to developing business.

In the final analysis, the individual consultant is responsible for his or her professional development. Those who are motivated will find that ACME offers all the resources they will need to advance at a rapid rate.