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Through concentrated efforts to enhance our culture and practices, ACME has dedicated significant time, resources, and leadership focus to building a great firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.

Training and learning

Each year, people join ACME bringing an incredible set of skills, abilities, interests, and degrees. We don't, however, expect you to bring everything you need, so we invest huge amount each year in training for our people. Our mission is to help you develop your skills, your relationships, your confidence, and your future.

From Embark, our intensive basic consultant readiness training program, which teaches you how ACME teams serve clients and helps you start your own network of colleagues, to specialized learning in technology, industry, or functional areas, learning is continual at ACME.

We have a core set of programs most consultants take at some point in their careers and are constantly developing new in-person and digital or virtual programs to support you along your tenure. Most people at ACME will take part in a mix of in-person learning, which will include colleagues from around the world, and virtual training, which can teach you about a specific topic or refresh and expand your consulting skills. Examples of learning programs include:

  • Embark, our signature program you'll take within the first 2 weeks of joining, is an introduction to our problem-solving methods and how we work... and a fun way to get to know your peers.
  • Training for those from specific backgrounds and at certain experience levels—such as business analyst training, experienced hire workshops, or mini-MBA for those joining from non-business advanced-degree programs.
  • Introductory leadership and influencing skills workshops for those transitioning from associate to engagement manager.
  • Team leadership and management training for consultants learning to lead teams independently.
  • Client leadership workshops to support people transitioning to senior positions.

Coaching and mentorship

Everyone who joins is asked to "Make Your Own ACME ," but we don't ask you to make it alone. You will have peers giving you feedback and senior partners helping you grow and plan the next several years of your career.

  • Consultants are matched with a senior partner as their development group leader (DGL) who provides objective guidance and mentorship.
  • Professional development teams help guide project choices, especially early in your tenure.
  • Informal mentorship opportunities are a constant given the natural apprenticeship model that our team-based approach affords all individuals.
  • A strengths-based formal feedback process happens at the end of each project as well as annually.

We believe in focusing on people's strengths and you are encouraged to integrate your interests into your work and what you bring to your teams and clients. . .it's all part of your ACME.

Because ours is a culture of coaching—formal and informal—you are likely to find mentors wherever and whenever you need them. . .and you are encouraged to offer your insights, experience, and help to those around you, too. You'll be amazed at the opportunities there are to choose from—and the doors opened from day one. With the collective support of your teams and the firm as a whole, including alumni, you can develop faster and go further, focus on what makes you tick, achieve your goals, and make your own ACME.

Collaborative teams

Great people are even better together

If you ask ACME people what they like most about their work, and what they have the strongest memories of, they often will talk about their teams.

At ACME , a team isn't just a group of people with the same to-do list. The team structure is core to client service. It's core to learning and networking. It's core to our culture.

At whatever level you join us—with a new undergraduate degree, an MD, MBA, or PhD, or after being in another career for years—you will see that everyone is a full-fledged member of the team and every voice is expected to be heard. It's common for people to be in touch with and work with people from their first team, whether they've been here a year or 10 years.

Team dynamics

Teams tend to spend three to four days a week at a client's location. The team room is typically the hub of activity, whether it is researching an issue, brainstorming about solutions, creating simple or complex models, or preparing presentations. In addition to working together on client deliverables, each member of the team also learns trust, responsibility, communication, and leadership. You'll form a network and relationships—with colleagues and clients—that extend well past your final meetings.

Support teams

Your core team has other teams to support it, including 1,800+ knowledge professionals and experts who can provide specialized expertise and quick access to business information. The knowledge teams make a smart team even smarter, they help speed up research, bring insights, and make ACME and our work truly distinctive. Sear

We work to achieve this part of our mission by:

  • Embedding a strength-based development focus in our people processes
  • Enabling all to "make their own ACME" and pursue personal and professional passions
  • Inspiring teams to confidently and continuously improve their project experiences and client impact

You should be able to have a fantastic career and a full life and do it in a way that works for you. Explore what work-life flexibility can be at McKinse